Why the Trump administration is putting pressure on the GOP to cut funding for public housing


President Donald Trump’s administration is using its power to pressure congressional Republicans to cut billions of dollars in federal housing assistance, a new report shows.

The administration is working with the Congressional Budget Office and other experts to determine what the budget for the 2018 fiscal year will look like, according to a memo obtained by Axios.

The Trump administration has said it is committed to making the 2018 budget more competitive than its 2017 budget, but it is working to reduce federal housing support for low-income people.

The Office of Management and Budget has not released a budget for fiscal year 2019 yet, but the budget memo outlines what the Trump team hopes will happen in the 2018 spending bill.

Trump has said he will use his power to force Congress to cut a significant portion of federal funding for low income housing assistance.

In an interview with NBC News, he said he would not use his executive powers to force Republican lawmakers to cut federal housing programs.

“We will get them to agree on that,” he said.

“They are already talking about that.

It’s called the [Senate] budget process.

We will get those guys to agree to that.”

The administration’s push for more spending cuts comes as the Trump Organization, which is a leading developer of high-end residential properties, has been hit with multiple lawsuits and investigations over allegations of deceptive marketing.

Trump has dismissed the claims, saying the lawsuits are “political.”

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