Why I’m running for US Senate


When a Republican is elected, they can get away with a lot.

And while the GOP may not get the most seats, they do have a lot of money.

So they can afford to hire and train a lot more people than Democrats can, and they can pay a lot less.

And it doesn’t take a PhD to see that this is a problem.

So it’s not surprising that Republicans are not interested in getting involved.

It’s why they’re not doing it.

It would be good for our country, too.

The problem is, there’s a huge divide between the parties about the best way to help people get ahead.

The American people, and even most Americans, are in a state of shock.

They’re stunned at how much their lives have stagnated, how much they have to give up, and how little they have achieved.

We need a political party that stands up for what’s good for us and the country, not the special interests.

There’s no doubt that many Republicans would rather get rid of Obama than have the government take care of their needs.

But, as a practical matter, they’re going to have to get their hands dirty in order to do it.

I have no doubt they’ll find a way to do this.

They’ll start by trying to persuade Democratic candidates to say no to a universal basic income.

The Republicans are unlikely to be the first party to try it.

But it’s one that we should not lose sight of.

There are several ways to address the problem of income inequality.

One would be to make the existing programs permanent.

The basic income guarantee would give everyone a certain amount of money every month.

If you have a disability, it could provide you with some kind of support to get by.

It could provide some form of financial security, or it could create an income floor, or something else entirely.

There would be no caps.

No one could get stuck in poverty forever.

If a lot has changed since 1968, and we’re still living in a time when the median income in the United States is around $50,000, there are many people out there that don’t have that money.

And there are people in the workforce who are making $25,000 or less.

That’s why we need to make sure we provide a safety net to people who need it.

Another way would be for Congress to establish a system of universal income payments.

People would be able to apply to receive a monthly payment in cash or a check.

And Congress could then choose to give the money to people at the bottom of the income scale, to people whose income is too low to qualify for a basic income, or to people with disabilities.

And the government could also pay people directly for the use of computers, to provide a basic Internet service, or other things.

These would be voluntary payments.

And I think they’re a good way to create a safety-net for the poor and the unemployed, so that they don’t go into the street and lose everything.

This would help us build a better future, for all Americans.

The third way would come from the bottom up.

The United States has always had a huge social safety net.

This was created by the Great Depression, when millions of people lost their jobs and the federal government stepped in.

We have a safety Net today, but it’s run by the states.

And many of the states are underfunded and understaffed.

A lot of them have some sort of financial incentive to provide benefits to the poor, and the government can’t afford to take on these costs.

So we need something new, something better, to be able meet the needs of people.

So that’s why I think a basic basic income is the most effective way to address this problem.

It has to be a program that can be applied at the state and local level.

The states are struggling to fill their budgets.

And if we’re going through this crisis, they should have the resources to provide more support to the needy, not less.

This is a massive problem.

The Democrats want to cut the safety net and create more poverty.

But they’re wrong.

The truth is, we’re living in an economy that has more jobs and more income inequality than we have ever seen.

The rich are getting richer.

The middle class is shrinking.

The poor are getting poorer.

It seems like the only way to reverse these trends is to provide basic income to everyone.

But Republicans want to make things worse.

And they’re convinced that a guaranteed minimum income is a way out.

But the truth is that most people aren’t going to agree to the idea of a guaranteed basic income when they see it in print.

They don’t want to be told that the government is giving them the government.

They know the government isn’t there to help them.

So, as long as the Democrats continue to talk about a guaranteed income, we have a choice to make: Do we want a safety nets for the rich or a safety handles for