Why does this video have so many views?

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A video of a man in a wheelchair walking across a busy city street was a popular viral video in 2015, but was recently made more controversial after it was revealed it was actually filmed in a fake hotel.

The man is seen on video sitting in front of a car with his legs crossed and wearing a wheelchair and carrying a suitcase on his lap, while he walks across a street on the left side of the frame.

In the video, the man is heard to say, “I can’t be bothered, it’s too much to take in”.

A few hours after the video was uploaded, the video’s creator was contacted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and asked to remove the video from YouTube, where it was shared more than 100,000 times.

“This video is so vile,” said a representative for the video creator, who asked not to be named.

He explained that the man had been filmed in the fake hotel, but he claimed it was the hotel’s manager who posted the video on social media.

His manager also posted the clip to the Facebook page of the Australian National University’s Business School, the representative said.

“[The manager] said that the video had been shared in the wrong context, it had been shown to an incorrect audience,” the representative told the ABC.

On Monday, the manager of the hotel confirmed the video is fake.

University of Technology Sydney lecturer Simon Tuck, who has published a book on the topic, said he was shocked to see the video shared so widely.

Tuck, a former business student, said it was shocking to see people share videos of people walking across streets.

When I was a student in the 1980s, I saw this man in front a train, walking across the street, and I thought that was just an amazing thing, but it wasn’t until I went back to university in the 1990s that I actually began to see these kinds of videos.

“It was only around 20 years ago that I started to understand that these kinds [of videos] are being produced,” he said.

“We’re not doing it in the ’80s.

It was really shocking.”

The manager of a fake-hotel in which a video of the man sitting in a chair with a suitcase was made is understood to be the owner of the company.

ABC reporter James Lydon said the man who posted his video had told him the hotel manager had shared it.

Mr Tuck said it would be hard to say how many people shared the video and whether it was an issue on social networking sites.

If you can’t say ‘I’m sorry’ and get someone to do something, how can you ever apologise?

he said, adding it could also be a form of bullying.

According to Tuck’s book The Invisible Chair, there were many other videos circulating online, and he said many of them had been taken down or were taken down by the person who made them.

While the video might seem innocuous to many, he said it could be a warning to people to not share videos that may be upsetting or harmful.

People might think, ‘You should just get it off your computer and just move on’.

“It’s not so bad when you know what’s being done,” he told ABC News.

It will be very hard for me to get them to apologise.” “

The thing that’s going to make me really angry is when someone says, ‘I can take this away from you because I’m a nice person’.”

It will be very hard for me to get them to apologise.

Tucked said the person in the video should have been able to show they were not in the wheelchair, because it was clearly a wheelchair. “

When people say they can’t see the disability in the person, they’re doing it on purpose.”

Tucked said the person in the video should have been able to show they were not in the wheelchair, because it was clearly a wheelchair.

It could be hard for the person to do that, but they might be trying to help someone who is wheelchair-bound, he explained.

An ABC spokeswoman told the Australian that the manager was not in a position to comment on the matter.

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