Why Apple won’t release iPhone 4S with 3D Touch in 3D


The new iPhone 4 has been announced, but what about the 3D touch screen?

It’s hard to see how Apple could justify including 3D on the device, but it’s certainly possible.

Apple announced last year that it would release a 3D-ready version of the iPhone, but the company’s software engineer said the software was only ready to be used in “certain” situations, and he didn’t elaborate.

And Apple didn’t specify how many cases a 3DP touch screen could fit, or whether or not the 3DP feature would be supported on all 3DS models.

It’s also unclear if 3D technology will be included on the iPhone 4.

The company also didn’t mention whether 3D would be available in all iPhones or only on certain models, so we can’t be sure if Apple will include it on all iPhones.

3D isn’t available on the iPad Pro, so it’s unclear how many of Apple’s existing models will be able to use 3D.

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