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By MICHELLE REYNOLDS-LEHRERAssociated PressAssociated PressPublished Aug. 12, 2018 11:16:30It is easy to think of the average dog as a docile, obedient companion who doesn’t require much interaction.

It’s easy to feel pity for dogs who have to spend time with people, or whose owners can’t stand the constant, stressful presence of their pets.

But dogs have a long history of being the subject of intense human-animal conflict.

They have been the subject.

Dogs have been killed by people, dogs have been beaten, dogs are the victims of abuse, dogs die from natural causes and dogs can be misused by humans.

Dietary advice on the Internet can offer an alternative to the usual “stay away” and “don’t mess with” responses, but most of the time the advice just comes in the form of a bland and repetitive diet.

So, how do we know which diet is best?

Here are five foods for dogs that will give them a good start on improving their physical and mental health and reducing their risk of death.