Which country is most vulnerable to climate change?

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The United States has the most to lose if climate change hits, with the country’s biggest emitters the biggest losers, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

While the IMF said this week that global economic growth could reach 2 percent by 2030, the US still needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels by as much as a third, according a report by the International Business Times.

The IMF said the United States will face $1.8 trillion in losses from its economic growth and $1 trillion in carbon emissions in 2030.

With the United Nations climate change summit this week in Warsaw, Poland, which is seen as a major gathering point for international climate negotiators, the report warned that a weak climate pact would be the death knell for global economic development.

“If the United Kingdom and other developed countries do not agree on a climate agreement by the end of this year, it would lead to serious economic and political consequences for the United