When the next Android app for the Oculus Rift launches, the future of games is at stake


The next wave of games on the Oculus platform will be built by a diverse group of developers, the creators of Oculus Rift development tools, and developers that are using those tools for a variety of projects.

Today we’re announcing that Oculus Rift developers can join the growing number of companies making games for the virtual reality headset, with Oculus VR today announcing that it’s partnering with a number of the top developers in the field to provide developers with a set of tools for creating games.

These tools, called developer tools, will enable developers to create a variety and variety of experiences for Oculus Rift, from simple, “just about anything” games like the first-person shooter Elite Dangerous, to more complex and detailed games like Titanfall.

Oculus VR is launching this collaboration with Oculus Rift developer tools through its Oculus Dev Center , a virtual reality hub that will provide developers a platform to test and build on top of Oculus VR’s development tools to create new and exciting experiences for the headset.

The Oculus Dev Centre will also host the Oculus Dev Summit, an open forum where developers can share experiences with each other.

In addition, Oculus VR will provide a developer kit with Oculus SDKs for developers to use to create games using the developer tools.

With the Oculus developer tools partnership, Oculus will be providing developers with access to a set number of tools that will help them develop games on a wide variety of platforms.

Oculus developers can now create experiences that take advantage of the Oculus VR developer tools platform, and that will be shared with the Oculus team at Oculus VR.

“We are excited to be working with Oculus and its developers on creating games that will make the Oculus experience even better, including creating new experiences that are truly immersive, and will provide players with an unprecedented level of immersion and control over their virtual reality experiences,” said Rob Lane, head of Oculus, in a statement.

“Together, we are building a new world of immersive, high-quality VR experiences.”

Developers can download the Oculus dev tools to their mobile device from the Oculus Developer Center.

The developer tools will also be available for developers on other platforms.

“Developers are in a unique position to build experiences for VR with Oculus,” said Tom Osterloh, senior director of product management at Oculus, “We know that a strong VR ecosystem requires a robust developer ecosystem, so we are working with a broad range of partners to provide the tools they need to build great experiences that players can experience with their favorite VR games.”

The Oculus Rift is designed for players to feel as if they are in the center of an immersive, third-person experience.

It features a headset, motion controllers, a camera, and other sensors to provide a 360-degree view of the world around them.

To play games, the player must use the Oculus Touch controllers, which have an extremely low latency, and then lean in to experience a game’s action.

The controllers have a variety in motion, ranging from a “normal” “head-tilting” motion, to a “stealth” “breathing” motion.

The game will play with a full controller.

Developers can also use the developer tool to create content for their VR games, with developers sharing their experiences with other developers.

Oculus Dev Tools will enable Oculus VR developers to build and share experiences that they create for the Rift.

Oculus developer tool users can start creating games in the Oculus SDK and Oculus Dev Kit for the following platforms: Android, iOS, and Web.

Oculus is launching Oculus Rift and Oculus VR development tools for the first time with the development kits for Android and iOS.

OculusVR will be offering the developer kit at no additional charge.

The company is also providing developers a free developer kit to use with any Oculus developer app that uses Oculus VR tools.

Oculus and developers will also work together to develop Oculus VR games.

“The Oculus Rift team is working tirelessly to build the best VR experience possible, and this collaboration between Oculus and Oculus developers will allow developers to be able to share their experiences to the world,” said Dave Burke, head, Oculus, Oculus Dev Team.

“As an industry, we’re building an ecosystem of VR that is capable of delivering the best gaming experiences.

By partnering with Oculus, we can build that ecosystem with the best of the best and give developers the tools to build amazing experiences.”

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