When Cats Are Like Us, Your Job Isn’t—but Yours Is

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A cat owner’s dream of owning a dog or cat to live with is finally coming true.

A federal judge has ordered that the owner of a K-9 cat named Kitty be held in custody for three months.

She was released from jail on July 29.

Kitty is an adopted cat who has been trained to look after and help her owner, who is homeless, according to a report by Fox 13 Atlanta.

Kitty is now working at a kennel in the area where the owner lives.

The owner, an elderly man, has a history of problems with the law, according the Fox 13 report.

Katherine Robinson, who owns Kitty and her owners, is hoping the judge will consider the rehabilitation of Kitty’s condition and give her the chance to return to work.

Robinson said she will donate Kitty’s earnings to her own charity.

The cat’s owner was arrested on March 17 for violating a domestic violence restraining order.

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