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How to build a more equitable society

As Australia prepares to leave the European Union, the country’s economic development strategy has been under pressure to find a way forward in a time of economic uncertainty.The OECD’s recent report on inequality highlights a gap between rich and poor and suggests that a greater proportion of the population should be in employment and earning

How to become a web developer

If you’re a web programmer, you’ve probably had your own theories about what goes on behind the scenes in your job.But have you ever thought about what those theories might actually be?And what’s the real value of developing your own web site?Well, that’s where we come in.We’re here to help.We’ll be answering your questions on

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How to build a company that builds on your own research

I’m in the process of developing an app.As a developer, my goal is to build an app that can make money from the data and insights I gather from a variety of sources.So, I’m not sure how to approach the research that goes into building an app—how to find and build the data to build

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When do we stop learning the same thing over and over?

As much as I want to believe the software industry is a meritocracy where people who can code and learn the latest technologies are automatically successful, there’s no denying that there are a lot of people who don’t have the skills or drive to be successful.There are also plenty of companies that are doing great