How to use the new blockchain technology in your business

Business Insider, in partnership with The Verge, are launching the Blockchain Developer Tools, a set of tools designed to help you develop, deploy, and manage applications and applications on the blockchain.Blockchain Developer Tools will allow you to develop applications and apps that use the Bitcoin blockchain to track and manage payments, manage assets, and transact

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Which apps are the best Android apps for beginners?

1 of 3 The article 1.Apple Watch Series 4 2.LG Watch Urbane 3.Samsung Gear S3 4.Google Glass 5.Asus ZenWatch 6.Xiaomi Mi Band 7.Pebble Timex 8.Samsung Galaxy S6 9.Sony Xperia XZ Premium 10.Google Pixel C 11.Samsung Fitbit Charge HR 12.Fitbit Surge 13.Microsoft HoloLens 14.Nike FuelBand 15.Amazon Echo Show 16.Apple Pay 17.Microsoft Pay 18.Samsung Pay 19.Samsung Wallet