Why you should buy books with a kid in mind

When I was a kid, my parents would take me to an old-fashioned library.There was a large book shelf, a shelf full of books on topics that were not even my interest.My dad would explain that he was not going to get any of them, and we were to look at books on other subjects.This

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‘You’d Never Call Me A Poster Girl’

From the first day, we’ve known that the internet and the social media world are huge for building relationships.But how do we use these tools to make sure we can create and nurture the relationships we’re looking for?

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Which books to buy for personal development?

A number of new books have been released to the Raspberry Pi, including Personal Development Books: A Complete Guide to Learning, and The Raspberry Pi and the Internet: A Personal and Creative Approach to Learning.The books are based on the Raspberry Model B and the latest version of the Raspberry OS, which makes them suitable