Which cities have the highest percentage of under-18s?

It was a Saturday afternoon in early March and the house in the village of Wuhan was packed.We were there to hear the head of a local NGO speak about how a new initiative is helping young children.The organization is called The Child Development Stage.The idea is simple: It allows local governments to create stages

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How to make the best music videos with a $20,000 budget

This is the story of how I made the biggest money of my career by creating a music video for my favourite artist.The money came from YouTube.The only other part of the story I can share is how I used my experience in the music industry to make a few million dollars in the process.I’ve

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Firefox developer says no to Microsoft acquisition

Posted May 30, 2017 03:19:53 A key developer for Mozilla, Mozilla Developer Network, has expressed his displeasure with the recent announcement by Microsoft that they are acquiring Firefox and will become a subsidiary of the company.“Firefox is an important part of our product family and we don’t want Microsoft to take it away from us,”