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Developer Northpoint has announced its new database app for Android.

The new app, which is called Neural Data, will provide a unified, easy-to-use interface for developers looking to create a new database, which can then be accessed via Google’s DataBridge API.

Neural Data is the brainchild of CEO Kevin Nye, who created and developed the company’s popular neural network database software. 

“The world has changed, but the underlying technology has remained the same,” Nye wrote on his blog.

“A few months ago, I started my own business and was looking for a new way to make a business.

After years of experimenting and prototyping, I realized that my software had failed to keep up with the rapid pace of change in data.”

Neural Data will work similarly to Google’s Google Drive, though Nye said that it will be “more powerful, more flexible, and less resource-intensive.”

“There are a lot of other databases out there for Android developers, but for a database to succeed on Android, developers will have to build a database that is very powerful, very fast, and very flexible,” Nix said.

“The app itself will be optimized for Android, and all the underlying software will be developed for Android as well.” 

In order to use the Neural Data app, users will need to install a copy of Google’s open-source DataBridge app.

It’s not available for other platforms yet, so users will have a few weeks to download it before it is available on other platforms. 

Developers can now take advantage of the Neural Network API for Android to create new database-like applications.

For example, users can create a database for a city and then create an application for an entire region. 

The app will also provide an API that allows developers to connect to the Neural Database and retrieve data from the database. 

In addition to Google Drive and Google Drive Pro, Neural Data has a few other apps for Android users that have already made their way onto the Play Store. 

Nystul has a spreadsheet application that allows users to track their personal expenses, a personal finance app that lets users create their own personal loan, and a data mining application that helps researchers to understand the patterns of behavior of animals. 

For more information on neural data, you can read the official announcement on 

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