Microsoft’s ios team unveils ios for Mac and Linux: ‘We are not looking to be the dominant platform’


Apple and Microsoft’s mobile operating systems will be a big focus for developers in the coming year.

Microsoft and Apple are both planning to release ios versions of their operating systems for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS is expected to launch in the second half of the year, followed by a second version of the OS for the Mac, which is set to be launched in early 2018.

Microsoft is also planning to launch a third version of its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, expected later this year.

Apple’s iOS 11 is also expected to release sometime in 2018, but it’s not clear if the OS will be aimed at developers or for consumers.

Microsoft’s Mac OS X 10.11.4 is also slated to be released in the first half of 2018.

A third version for Android, codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich,” is also planned for late 2018.

Apple has also confirmed plans to release its iOS 9 operating system and the next version of iOS, codename “Mountain Lion.”