‘I feel like I’m in a movie’ as Trump’s ‘torture memos’ reveal how he thinks about people of color


From The New York Times: Donald Trump’s “torturing memos” reveal how the GOP nominee thinks about African Americans and other minorities.

He wrote in an Oct. 2 memo that “tough on crime” is a great idea.

He added that he doesn’t understand how “tremendous numbers” of blacks are being treated in jails and prisons.

“We have too many black people in jail and prisons,” he wrote.

“And it’s a travesty.”

And, in a Nov. 6 memo, he wrote that blacks “are a problem” in prisons and that “our prison population is so high.”

He added: “We must make it clear that we will not allow our correctional facilities to become a breeding ground for the spread of disease.”

And on the campaign trail, Trump has suggested that the United States incarcerate millions of blacks and Hispanics.

Trump said he would deport immigrants who are here illegally, and has suggested he might deport children of illegal immigrants.

Trump has also said he wouldn’t deport millions of Muslims.

Trump told a group of black pastors on Sept. 14 that “the Muslim Brotherhood has been very successful with us.”

Trump also said that Muslims have “been trying to get in” to the United State, but that he will not be enforcing immigration laws.

Trump’s latest campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said on Sept: “I think that Mr. Trump believes that he’s the best person to represent the interests of the people of this country, and the only one who has the best interest of this nation at heart.”

“So, we’ll see what he has to say in the future,” Conway added.

“But I think we’re going to see him make some statements, and then we’ll sit down and see what happens.”