How to get the most out of your phone and tablet


The best way to get more done on your smartphone and tablet is to use a variety of apps and services, according to research by the IT company Insights West.

The report says using apps and content is key to productivity, because it enables you to get in the zone.

It found that users who spend more time on the phone and spend more money on devices are more productive than those who spend less time and spend less money on their devices.

But, while the report highlighted productivity, it also highlighted the need for apps and the apps themselves.

The research showed that most people who are in the smartphone business want to have a variety to their apps.

The majority of people use the apps to manage tasks or to access data and contacts.

But apps can also be used for tasks that are not directly related to the tasks that they are managing.

For example, you might want to access a location of a nearby friend or family member, which is a common use case in apps such as MapMyNeighbor.

But the app also allows you to add a voice-guided navigation of your location to your location-aware app, such as Street View.

As a result, most people are spending less time using apps than they used to, but some people are still using apps to access the data that they need, such, as a contact list for a job interview or a weather forecast.

The Insights report also highlights the importance of having a diverse set of apps.

It found that there are many apps and apps that can help you do everything from set up a social media profile to view weather data, or even create a personalised calendar.

However, there are some apps that are more powerful than others.

For example, Google’s calendar app can help people create personalised calendars, and Microsoft’s OneNote can help users with spreadsheets and collaborate with others.