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Which professional development projects are worth the money?

What is professional development?Source Google News article A professional development program is an organization’s effort to help people get their professional development goals and career aspirations achieved.These goals are based on specific goals and can be in the form of a certificate, diploma, or professional development certification.Some professional development programs have different certification requirements and

BizNovation announces new BizCrowd funding platform

Next Big Innovation announces a new BIZCrowd financing platform for entrepreneurs, including an initial token offering and a BizCoins system that will allow people to directly invest in startups.BizSciLab, which is based in Silicon Valley and will work with startups to develop their products and services, will also launch as a token-backed platform.The BizTech team

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How to jailbreak your phone using Google developer console

By: Nabil Ahmed | October 26, 2016 12:30pm GMTI’m a developer, I’ve been on the hunt for an Android jailbreak app for a while.I found one and had a lot of fun with it.Now I’m back on the phone and want to share the best Android jailbreaks with you.This is the first in a series

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How to learn and develop skills from video games

How to teach people new skills from a video game?It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for years, but I never quite found a good answer until recently.I wanted to find out if there were any videos online that would help me in this quest.I found one that I thought would work well.This is a

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How much does a condo tax cost?

The city of Atlanta has approved a $400-per-square-foot tax on luxury condos to help pay for a $1.2 billion transit overhaul.The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce has praised the measure, but Mayor Kasim Reed said it’s important for the city to find a way to raise enough revenue to pay for the rest of the project.A

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How to find your next job with the Human Development Index

Businesses need to know how the world is developing, so they can better respond to their customers and shareholders, according to a report.Businesses in the US, UK, Germany and Canada were ranked as the best performing countries in terms of the index, which evaluates countries on economic performance and human development.The US, the UK, France

How to use the new blockchain technology in your business

Business Insider, in partnership with The Verge, are launching the Blockchain Developer Tools, a set of tools designed to help you develop, deploy, and manage applications and applications on the blockchain.Blockchain Developer Tools will allow you to develop applications and apps that use the Bitcoin blockchain to track and manage payments, manage assets, and transact

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How to become a top entrepreneur in developing countries

Developing countries are increasingly looking for entrepreneurs who can create jobs and create economic opportunities.Here are some tips to help you build your business in these countries.1.Be prepared for long hours and long hours of meetings 2.Build a team 3.Have an idea of what you want to achieve 4.Develop your skills 5.Use your experience to