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FOX SPORTS DEVELOPMENT: FOX SPORTS has signed on to develop a sports channel in India.

The network is working on a new sports channel called Fox Sports India that will be available on TV and the internet, in addition to on-demand platforms.

The channel will be based in New Delhi.

“The new Fox Sports channel is in the development stage and will launch in the next few months,” a Fox Sports spokesperson told ET.

The channel is being developed by Fox Sports Media and Fox Sports Ventures.

It’s unclear when the channel will launch, but the network is reportedly working on “a global platform and sports” in addition a network in India for a “few years”.

It’s unclear whether Fox Sports will also develop a channel in China.

India is an emerging market with a rapidly growing population of more than 40 million people, but a number of challenges have prevented it from taking on the world’s most populous country. 

India has been a relatively poor performer in terms of sports development.

India’s sports ministry, in consultation with sports federations and private entities, has struggled to bring a sport to the masses. 

“The lack of a dedicated sports channel for the Indian market is the most critical issue,” a sports ministry spokesperson told the FT.

“We have seen that in other Asian countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

The problem is that India has been too slow to catch up.

We have been working on creating a sports portal that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and this has been delayed for the past two years.”

The Indian government is yet to decide whether to set up a national sports portal.

India is not a country that can easily develop sports content and viewership numbers, particularly for an emerging country like India.