BizNovation announces new BizCrowd funding platform


Next Big Innovation announces a new BIZCrowd financing platform for entrepreneurs, including an initial token offering and a BizCoins system that will allow people to directly invest in startups.

BizSciLab, which is based in Silicon Valley and will work with startups to develop their products and services, will also launch as a token-backed platform.

The BizTech team is focused on providing developers with the ability to directly engage with BizInvestors and other Biz investors.

This platform is designed to accelerate the growth of Biz investments.

BizCrosstalk, a new crowdfunding platform for small and medium enterprises, has already raised $100,000 in a Series A round, and is working with a team of experts to create a new platform that can help entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

The new platform, which has been in beta testing for a few weeks, will be the first for the new round of BIZInvestors.

BIZTech founder John Denton told VentureBeat the team is already looking at the potential value of this platform and has been evaluating a number of startups, as well as existing Bizinvestors, for the platform.

BizzCrosstealk will focus on startups with a mission to solve real problems and create new products and technologies that solve them.

The company has already received funding from angel investors, which will be a first for a BIZCoins platform.

The BizFunds team is also focused on creating a BIS token-based platform to facilitate the conversion of BIS tokens into the digital currency BTC.

The project will also be built with an emphasis on the Biz investor community.

The team is building the platform with the help of the BIZFunds founders and will be launching in Q2.

The first batch of tokens will be available to buy as soon as the project goes live.

The token will be made available to the public in Q1, and will only be issued to BizShares holders.

BizzFunds is the first venture to offer BIS to investors.

It’s a platform that will be built for entrepreneurs and companies that are looking to make a quick buck by selling their company’s shares.

It will also give investors the opportunity to buy in on a growing community of investors who are looking for new opportunities to earn extra profits.

The platform has been created by the BIS team, which consists of more than 20 people, according to Denton.

This includes more than 100 members of the community and the entire BizBiz team.

The majority of BizzFund’s team are developers, including many developers who have previously built other crowdfunding platforms.

The startup is focused mainly on the UK and Europe, but Denton said it’s also planning to launch in other countries as well.

The team has been working with BIZcoins founder and CEO Alex V. Lutensky for the past few months to develop the BizzCoins API.

The API allows anyone to build a simple and secure web application that will help developers build Biz products and businesses.

Denton is currently working on a new version of the platform that is fully compliant with the Bancor protocol.

BIS is also working with the Bitcoin Foundation to ensure Biz is compatible with the network, and the team has a roadmap to build out BizCoin in the future.