BizNovation announces new BizCrowd funding platform

Next Big Innovation announces a new BIZCrowd financing platform for entrepreneurs, including an initial token offering and a BizCoins system that will allow people to directly invest in startups.BizSciLab, which is based in Silicon Valley and will work with startups to develop their products and services, will also launch as a token-backed platform.The BizTech team

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Discord Developer Group: We are looking for new contributors!

We have a new Discord Developer group to help you grow your game in Discord and build your brand with the community.We’re looking for the most active members of our Discord community.Discord has more than 4.5 million active users and the group is actively growing.Discord Developer is currently in the process of hiring new developers

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How to help fund the centennial of the game industry

It is hard to overestimate the importance of the centenary of the videogame industry.The games industry is one of the most important industries in the world.It has played a major role in shaping the modern world, and is now at the centre of a huge and evolving global economic system.The industry has also seen the

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The best part of developing software is testing, says David Fauci

David Fausco, chief product officer at Red Hat, has a new startup called Red Hat Enterprise Linux.Fauscon says his company will provide a test-driven development environment to developers.The goal is to give them the tools to get the job done, he says.“We are building a platform that allows developers to focus on the business and

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Game developer salaries are set to rise, according to new report

The number of developers currently employed by major game studios is set to increase by more than a third to around 7.5 million by 2020, according the latest figures from the United States National Science Foundation.The US government has been working with industry to develop a voluntary workforce security strategy for game developers.It said the

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How to create a new discord client app with Android apps

There are a few things you need to know before you can start coding with the Android apps.Firstly, you need a way to register your own apps on the app store, and that’s where Discord developer Tommaso Boccio comes in.Tommys Discord app was created to let people create and share apps on their Android phones.The